Everything works,

…the strategy works, the design works, the text works, the method that we just put it all together integration works, it’s just nice it’s like a machine.”

Shift Management

How we helped Shift Management to create a cohesive marketing strategy, branding and website that connect with the audience and generate leads for the online learning platform.


Shift management offers self-paced and instructor-led online courses. Marie Gervais is the founder of shiftmanagement. She is a leadership and cultural competency expert whose work with Industry, Not-For-Profit and Service sector contracts has resulted in hundreds of highly acclaimed workshops, courses, projects and multi-media resources.


Shift Work Management had outgrown its current website and was missing an overallmarketing strategy. It had felt that pieces had been added to it along the way with no cohesive plan in place. Messaging and design throughout her marketing collateral was not consistent and the navigation on her website was confusing. Payment processing was not working properly and their editing options were limited. Marie felt frustrated and knew that she needed to develop a strategy first before fixing individual tools.


After an in-depth discovery session, we developed an overall marketing strategy for Shift Management. The goal was to create an integrated marketing system that can grow with her needs.

  • The website now functions as an online portal for e-learning classes and has an integrated e-commerce system.
  • The navigation was restructured to make it more user friendly
  • We created key messages that connected with Shift Managements audience
  • Worked in collaboration with Marie to develop a sales funnel and conversion strategy to generate leads
  • We set up consistent branding throughout different marketing channels (offline and online) and implemented branded social media accounts


  • Marketing Collateral
  • Facebook Campaign
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Logo Design