You’ve become successful, but your brand, website and marketing haven’t kept up. Something is missing. You might even find that your brand makes you look small or outdated.

We can fix that.

No matter if you are a coach, accountant, art consultant, dermatologist, or run a golf course, the market is competitive and other businesses offer similar services.

But here is the good news: There is only one YOU. And that is what sets you apart. Your process, your values, your story, your authentic personality.

In short. Your brand. Your secret element

At HeuerDesign, we work with industry leaders just like you. We discover your secret element, build and grow your brand, and put a marketing system in place so you can dominate your market.

Are you blending
in with your competition when you should be the clear choice?

Do you feel frustrated because you can’t seem to find an authentic voice online?

Do you feel embarrassed to share your website and business cards because it’s so not who you are?

The problem isn’t “the market” or “not enough budget”. It’s your branding and marketing. You’re most likely coming at things from a wrong angle and you’re failing to connect with the right people as a result.

How We Can Help You

Over 90% of our desicisons are made by our subconsious mind and emotions. Guess what that means for your marketing and sales? Stats and numbers are not enough. You need to connect with your audience on an emotional level. And this is exactly where we can help you. With our proven 4 step process we will develop a brand that makes you stand out and create system to market your business with confidence. 

1 - Gain Clarity

It all starts with a brief conversation. In person, via zoom or phone. We find out where you are at, what your challenges are and if we are a good fit.

2 - Dig Deep

Let’s get to work! We dive deep and find out what your opportunities are, who your audience and competition is, and what your growth opportunities are within your market. 

3 - Be YOUthentic

Your brand is what sets you apart. Content that people want to read while being authentic and looking professionial. This is exactly what a YOUthentic brand is. It is the foundation for everything you do.

4 - Market with Confidence

Your business needs marketing. We help you to develop a strategy that works for you and then help you to implement it. We create websites that convert leads and use the power of automation to free up your time.

Tired of trying this and that?

Then it’s time to get YOUthentic with your brand and put a strategy behind your marketing.

Success Stories?

You bet! Here is one of our clients:

When Dr. Day with Innovation Dermatology moved into his new location, he and his partner Christina knew that their current online presence neither showed their services and nor reflect who they really were.

Clients were wowed when visiting their state of the art clinic but were surprised to find out what services the clinic has to offer next to the medical skin treatment.

We clearly identified current challenges and opportunities. Innovation Dermatology is not just the only dermatologist in Red Deer. They are also the only cosmetic facility that is dermatologist led.

Through strategy, interviews and quality design we helped Innovation Dermatology to discover their YOUthentic brand and align  who they are from the inside with what people see from the outside. The Re-Branding included the development of a new website, video production and marketing collateral.

What Our Clients Say

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Myla Trenchuk


Clarity Art Consulting


Bowood Homes



Branding and Marketing Strategy

Innovation Dermatology

Re-Branding, Marketing Collateral and Website

Shift Management

Branding, Marketing Strategy, Website and Marketing Collateral

Estorm Coaching


There are 256,367 Marketing & Branding Firms in Canada

Okay. You are right. We totally made that up. But there are a lot and most will sell you a nice looking website and not what you really need… clarity, an authentic brand and a marketing system that really helps you to grow your business. Our superpower is to listen, dig deep and solve the problem behind the surface problem. Find out what it’s like to work with us, we think you‘ll like it.

Ready to grow with strategy?

Awesome. Don’t waste another day without having a roadmap TO Grow your business. Let’s gain some clarity and find out how we can help you.

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