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3 Simple Tips to Help your Non-Profit’s Brand Stand Out

Do you really know what the word “Brand” means? Many people believe a brand has something to do with logos, designs, emblems, or symbols associated with your business, but in reality, it is much more than that.

So how do you control what people think and feel when they see your non-profit? Here are three key rules to follow to create a brand image that stands out in the public eye.

Be Unique

With many non-profits out there already and new ones popping up almost monthly, how do you set yours apart from the rest? Here are some things to think about when discovering your identity as a non-profit.

  • What do I want to accomplish with this non-profit and how can I reach those goals?
  • Why would someone donate time, monetary funds, or anything else to my organization over others?
  • What are other similar organizations doing in terms of expressing their brand and how do you personally perceive those non-profits?
  • Am I communicating our goals and passions effectively with the community?

Standing out in the crowd can be a lot simpler than you think if you keep these questions in mind. It is important to think about what has already been done or what is currently being implemented by organizations to make sure you stay ahead of the trends in the industry.

Consistency is Key

 Having a consistent brand image across all platforms is essential to having an easily recognizable organization. There are a few items to keep in mind when identifying the voice of your brand.

  • Have a short and easily recognizable slogan or mission statement that helps people recognize your non-profit. Creating a hashtag with this works great for social media.
  • Consider how you want to sound. Do you want to teach people about something? Maybe you want to have fun with people and show them your organization is spreading positivity?
  • Develop and organize what makes you— “you” and stick to it.

It is also important to keep in mind the colour and logo you identify with and try to pick ones that aren’t widely used in your industry. This helps eliminate confusion between your organization and others.

Educate Your Employees

Everyone in your organization should live and breathe the vision you strive to accomplish. The most beneficial way to ensure consistency between your brand and how the public perceives it starts with educating your employees through brand training.

Make sure employees are well versed in the following:

  • Mission, Vision, and your audience
  • Your goals and brand image
  • Organizational policies and guidelines for creating a consistent brand image

Your employees are great points of contact with the public and can be great ambassadors for your charity. Make sure to educate everyone, new and old, in your organization, it will make everything a lot easier in the long run.

Just remember, creating a consistent brand image is a process and by following these tips you can get off on the right foot.

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